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The movement Guardians of Nature visualizes a world in which all children identify themselves as guardians of the natural resources, catalyzing an intergenerational change that allows to resolve environmental problems, social and economic of communities around the planet.

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The Guardians of Nature movement seeks to transform the lives of millions of students and teachers in Latin America focusing on the active eco-literacy. We develop mobilization campaigns, systematize processes, and create educational tools in a free, accessible, and collaborative manner with the active support and involvement of educational communities, businesses, and governments.

The Guardians movement empowers children and teachers to take action on problems that directly affect them, and invites them to communicate and share their own solutions to promote change and raise their VOICE in the world.

The movement is driven from the Foundation DMA with location at Nosara, Guanacaste, a living laboratory of good environmental practices with children of 20 nationalities and with ages ranging from 18 months to twelfth year.

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