I Guardian

The essence of Guardians


The Code of a Guardian

  1. I am mindful that nature above me, below me, inside me, all around me and truly alive.
  2. I love, respect and care for all living beings.
  3. I conserve and appreciate all natural resources (including air, water and soil).
  4. I reduce, reuse and recycle all my waste and rethink a future with zero waste.
  5. I let nature inspire me with new ideas and creative solutions to live in harmony with the planet.
  6. I educate others about the infinite value of nature and ways for taking care of her.

Merit Badge for Guardian Childrenm

The Values of a Guardian

  • Solidarity: A guardian of nature is kind, compassionate and solidary. It’s driven to help others without intending to receive something in return.
  • Courage: A guardian of nature is brave. She/he has the willpower to carry out an action despite the obstacles.
  • Respect: A guardian of nature respects and gives a special value and dignity to life.
  • Gratitude: A guardian of nature feels gratitud, admiration and awe for life and for all the natural resources of our planet.
  • Hope: A guardian of nature is full of hope. He/she has faith, optimism and confidence for the future.

Poem of a Guardian

I am Guardian
By: Jessica Sheffield Zamora

I am a guardian;
Because I love nature.
I am her, and she is me.
We truly are ONE!

I am a guardian;
Because I am brave and supportive
And I feel gratitude and admiration
For our magical planet.

I am a guardian;
Because I am full of hope
And I feel faith, optimism and confidence
Of a better tomorrow.

I am a guardian;
Because I love my home: Earth!
I am her, and she is me
We truly are ONE!

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