Our Vision

To make Costa Rica a land of Guardians of Nature through the power of new generations and replicating our strategy of collective impact globally, because the well-being and survival of humanity depends on it.

Our Mission

To empower, equip and mobilize youth as Guardians of Nature from their schools and homes, through the collaboration and collective impact of the government, the private sector and civil society.


1. Teacher empowerment: To create tools, training programs, reward systems to empower principals and teachers to be Guardians of Nature.

2. Student empowerment: To create tools, experiences and rewards to empower students to be Guardians of Nature.

3. Regenerative school campuses: Create an experience of co-existence with nature on school campuses and promote environmental and socio-emotional education.

4. Collective impact: To secure economic resources and strategic alliances to fulfill and execute our vision through the power of collective impact.

We communicate and share the actions of the agents of change to inspire regenerative human development.

Conceptual Framework

1. Address legislationtechnology and behaviour.
2. Focus on the human behaviour (Awareness and positive attitudes are not enough to affect behavior change).
3. Put the audience in the driver’s seat: students, teachers and principals.
4. Present a clear message repeatedly, through various channels.
5. Apply a systematic and data collection process: evaluate, design, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate.
7.  Adopt a long-term strategic approach.


1. Interaction: Develop  or strengthen mechanisms to bring together people, resources, information, experiences, and materials to build a strong base for free environmental education materials for Latin American teachers.

2. Capacity development: Strengthen professional and technical capacity to design, implement, and monitor EE&C programs, interventions, and activities.

3. Participation for local action:  Strengthen EE&C initiatives to stimulate local participation in and support for a Guardians of Nature movement.

4. Mass Communication: Strengthen systematic and integrated mass media strategies, tools, and methods that generate greater awareness, understanding, sense of responsibility, and action for creating a Guardians of Nature identity.

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