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My Guardian Challenge in Photo

Take one photography with your child, nephew and / or students doing something for nature, tag our FB and Instagram page @MovimientoGuardianes and use the hashtag #GuardiansMovement.

My Guardian Challenge on VIDEO

STEP 1. Environmental problem you are trying to solve
Use any video camera to tell the problem you are trying to solve.
STEP 2. What are you doing to solve it?
Explain and show what you are doing to solve the problem.
STEP 3. Show the following poster #MovimientoGuardianes
Make a label using recycled paper or other eco-friendly material and show it during your video.
STEP 4. Invite other children
At the end of the video invite other children and teachers to create a video of their environmental challenge

Send video to: [email protected] or upload it to social networks with the hashtag #MovimientoGuardianes and/or tag on FB and Instagram @movimientoguardianes.

Provide feedback

Do you want to participate in the raffle of product awards of Guardians of Nature?

It’s very simple:

Step 1. Download material from our educational platform.

Step 2. Fill out the feedback form that comes at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. Send us a picture of your students doing the lesson in the mail: [email protected] or tag the photo in FB or
Instagram @movimientoguardianes

Sign up as a Guardian Mentor

Who is a Guardian Mentor?

People, organizations or companies that are inspired to bring free material, prepared by Guardians of Nature, to children and teachers in various places in Latin America, on a voluntary basis.

Likewise, the Mentor Guardian is an agent that fosters experiences that bring children closer to nature while acting voluntarily as participants in the conservation of natural resources. A GUARDIAN MENTOR is an ambassador for the initiative.

Sign up by filling out this form HERE.

Share material for the platform

Do you have environmental or socio-emotional education material that you want to share on the Guardians platform (plays, poems, games, etc.)? Please contact us ([email protected]). We value the material according to the following indications:

  • Material of excellent educational quality
  • Easy to implement

Pay it forward

Pay it Forward invites individuals and companies to contribute their talent, voluntarily, to help strengthen the Guardians of Nature movement, while at the same time they will receive recognition for their help and support (e.g., graphic design, communication, etc.).

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