Pillar 1. Principals and Teachers Empowerment

Free educational platform

Environmental and
Socio Emotional Education

Our free educational platform arises from our commitment to break any barrier to access the information necessary to educate new generations about the protection of natural resources.


Experiential and virtual for
Principals and Teachers

Raising awareness and empowering, immersed in practice and reflection, is something that distinguishes our workshops. Teachers are the greatest agents of change in our society, especially when they are empowered and supported.

Principal and Teacher Awards

Guardian of Nature
of the Year

The objective of this initiative is to reward and make visible the agents of change in education for sustainable development (school principals and teachers), who are making a difference inside and outside their school communities. 

Pillar 2. Student Empowerment

My Guardian Challenge

Children and Youth as
Entrepreneurs for Nature

Empowers, makes visible and rewards the impact of Guardians of Nature children and youth as agents of change.


In a Variety of
Environmental Topics

Interactive workshops with environmental topics such as the impact of plastic on marine ecosystems and trees, our photosynthetic friends.

Children Books

The Guardian of Nature
Environmental Book Series

An educational series that invites children to be guardians of natural resources through stories told by Lucía, a 9-year-old girl.

Eco Field Trips

Nature is our

We bring educational centers closer to protected areas so that children can become their future guardians.

Guardian Children Awards

Awards for Guardian of Nature

Children who excel in My Guardian Challenge are awarded as agents of change for sustainable development.


Clean ups and Reforestations Campaigns

We mobilize children to join reforestation and cleaning campaigns in their communities.

Pillar 3. Collective Impact

Regenerative Schools

The Transforming Heart of
The Community


We are in the process of creating regenerative model schools that show how when we work together, under the power of collective impact and a common vision, we can create the schools of the future; schools that practice living in peace and balance with ourselves, others and the planet.


The Fuel that Propels
Our Vision

We propel ourselves through our partners and allies creating a network of networks that support our ecosystem of projects.

We work hand in hand with private companies, civil society and the government to be able to fulfill our mission and vision. 


Shanna Valezka Cordero, 12 years old
Las Delicias School

“I want to express how being and feeling like a guardian of nature has helped my personal and mental growth.  It has helped me see things differently. My life changed and took a great turn. Now I can’t see rubbish lying on the floor, because at once I pick it up. I like to recycle, I like to plant, I like to take care of nature and teach other children to do it. I don’t like to see burning garbage, and if I see someone polluting, I immediately feel intrigued, and I speak to them so they don’t. My sister Sharick is also a guardian.  We are 2 guardians in my family! I want to thank Guardians of Nature for everything I´ve learned and become. ”

Alice Canales Solano
Escuela Serapio Lopez Fajardo

“Service to the community from teaching is something that has always moved me. Creating awareness until materializing a goal, with small actions that I can decide, propose and share is what makes the difference … this has been Guardians for me. Successfully getting students to not only listen, but also to act is gratifying. Guardians of Nature has allowed us to tackle problems that concern us all.They provided us with the tools for teaching children to use their own skills to solve a global problem. ”

Nazareth Maher Ramírez, 11 years old
La Esperanza School

It is a privilege and honor to be a Guardian of Nature. It has raised my awareness of the environment and given me respect and love for nature.  I am proud to teach my classmates and adults what it means to be a Guardian”.


“I have done activities such as going with my classmates and my mom to pick up trash in the river behind my school and picking up trash from the street so that it does not reach the sea. One day I went to the Nosara river mouth with the Guardians to collect micro plastic so that the animals of the sea don’t die. I am very happy to help nature and I want to continue helping. “

Movimiento guardianes

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