Tema: Biodiversidad: plantas y animales

Jardines Polinizadores

Manual sobre diversos tipos de plantas que atraen polinizadores y cómo este tipo de jardines nos ayudan a avanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)

The Guardians of the Rain Forest

1. Recognize specific information about wild animals and their habitats. 2. Respond in predictable patterns to simple questions about familiar things. ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How does nature help us? Humans, animals, and plants are living things that need each other.

Protect the turtles

1. Describe places and things. 2. Extract information from texts to answer questions. 3. Express social responsibility in actions. Essential question: What are rainforests and what happens if they disappear?

Can an Apple Become a Tree? #1

Recognize spoken words similar to the languages with which they are familiar. Match drawings or pictures. Respond to simple questions about familiar things.

Where do Animals Live #2

Identify animals and insects and where they live. Repeat full questions and answers using where and live. Create from playdough and speak simple words and sentences about their favorite animal.

Forces of Nature #1

Essential Question: How does nature help us? Recognize spoken words that have been covered in previous lessons. 2. Name common items and objects (flora and fauna) in familiar environments 3. Pronounce individual letter sounds.

Movimiento guardianes

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