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The Guardians of Nature Movement envisions a world where people of all ages see themselves as stewards of natural resources. This change in mindset and behavior catalyzes solutions to environmental, social, and economic problems in communities around the globe. 

We are working on transforming the Costa Rican educational system into a model of nature-based education, aiming to become a global reference. In our programs and initiatives, which focus on Teacher Training, Curriculum, Green Campuses, and Student Participation, we are introducing the principles of Nature’s Intelligence (NI), the rules or fundamental operating system underlying the functioning of life. Our goal is to restore our biosphere for the well-being of people and the planet through education.

We are committed to breaking down all barriers to accessing the information necessary to educate new generations about protecting our natural environment (SDG 4.7), to promote and empower inclusion and equality through environmental education (SDG 5) and to propel us through the power of collective impact (SDG 17). 

The #GuardiansMovement empowers students, educators, families, and employees from their schools and homes  to take action on issues that directly affect them. It invites them to communicate and share their own solutions to promote change and elevate their voice in the world. By promoting a culture of guardianship, we can address the challenges facing our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Guardianes de la Naturaleza is the outreach program of the DMA Foundation, located in Nosara, Guanacaste. The foundation also operates the Del Mar Academy school, a laboratory for innovation in nature-based education for local and international students aged 4 to 18.

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