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towards a regenerative future

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The Guardians of Nature movement visualizes a world in which all children identify themselves as guardians of our natural resources, catalyzing an intergenerational change that helps to solve environmental, social, and economic problems of communities around the planet.

The Guardians of Nature movement seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in Latin America by promoting eco-literacy in a mindful and active way. We develop communication campaigns, systematize collective impact processes, and provide free, accessible and collaborative material related to school curricula for teachers.

We are committed to breaking down all barriers to accessing the information necessary to educate new generations about protecting our natural environment (SDG 4.7), to promote and empower inclusion and equality through environmental education (SDG 5) and to propel us through the power of collective impact (SDG 17). 

The Guardians Movement empowers children and teachers to take action on problems that directly affect them. They are invited and encouraged to communicate and share their own solutions to promote change, raising their VOICE in the world. 

Based in Nosara, Guanacaste, the movement is driven by the DMA Foundation, a living laboratory of good environmental practices, with children of 20 different nationalities and ages ranging from 18 months to grade twelve.

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